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Valentine's day - all about love, sharing and caring

St. Valentine's Day is an annual festival to celebrate love, friendship and admiration. Valentine's Day is most commonly associated with romantic love. It is often chosen as the perfect day to express their love and commitment.
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Celebrate this Christmas with Kollam Supreme

Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus is a wonderful time of year. Christmas celebration means lights, the snow, the Carols, feelings of warmth and togetherness, sharing memories and most of all, the feeling of giving. People enjoy this festival with lots of love and enjoy the cherish of Christmas with sweets and gifts.
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Bangles are simply inflexible pieces of jewellery worn around the wrist by women around the world.  In India, It is a tradition among Indian women to wear bangles, especially by married women.  Bangles are key pieces of Indian wedding jewellery for women and an essential part of any wedding and dance costume. 
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Kollam Supreme Children's Day Drawing Contest

On this Children's Day, let the children spread their awareness to the world to celebrate a "Pollution-free Diwali" through their drawings. Kollam Supreme conducting Children's Day Drawing Contest in November 2020. Let your Kid shine on this Children's day with their creativity and get the chance to win a "Kollam Supreme Gold Plated Kid's Jewellery" worth Rs. 500/-
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South Indian Temple Jewellery

TEMPLE JEWELLERY has been a part of South Indian tradition for centuries now. The dignity of temple jewellery has increased and diversified all around the world. In the online market, the demand and supply of temple jewellery are high as compared to previous years. Through this blog, we would like to explain each and every piece of temple jewellery and its specific location also.
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Onam Shop & Win Lucky Draw Winners

We are glad to announce the "Onam Shop & Win Lucky Draw Winners" of the year 2019. Congratulations to all winners.
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Kollam Supreme Onam Selfie Contest

Kollam Supreme conducting  Instagram Onam Selfie Contest on September Month 2019. Share an Onam Selfie on Instagram to win exciting Jewellery Gift.
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Shopping Guide For Wedding Jewellery

There is a lot of significance given to the marriages in India. In that, Jewelry is the most important accessory where a woman pays most of their attention to. There are many things to remember while buying wedding jewellery.
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Awesome 3 years in Ecommerce

We have completed our 3 years in E-commerce successfully. Our journey as an eCommerce started in 2016. Since that we have been delighting our customers in India and abroad with a wide collection of modern and traditional gold plated and one gram gold designer Jewelleries. 
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Because of the huge benefits and advantages, more and more people prefer buying things online over the conventional method of going into stores.  Let us discuss a few benefits of shopping online. 
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