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Gold Plated Designer Long Chain With White Stone



Traditional Gold Plated designer long mala designed in hollow beads and White stones completed with adjustable hook and chain that is ideal to be worn on Marriages and engagements. 

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Gold Plated Designer Long Chain With White Stone

Gold Plated Designer Long Chain With White Stone

Traditional Gold Plated designer long mala designed in hollow beads and White stones completed with adjustable hook and chain that is ideal to be worn on Marriages and engagements. 

What are gold plated chains made of?

Gold plated chains are made of base metal copper or silver. Then the top has been plated with gold with the help of chemicals and electroplating. These base metals are very cheap rather than gold alloy. So it is affordable to normal people.

Does gold plated chains look real?

Although gold plated chains are made up of metals there is a thin layer of gold on it. So it will look like real gold.

How much is a gold plated chain worth?

The gold cannot be separated from gold plated jewellery, except it can be used as a substitute for gold. Therefore, gold plated jewellery does not have a resale value.

How long does gold plated Chains last? Does it Fade?

If given proper care, it will withstand up to 2 years without tarnishing. These ornaments can be used instead of gold but cannot be used as gold. When used for a long time or regularly, the plating fades and the base metal on the bottom becomes clear. Occasionally it can be fixed by polishing.

Does gold plated Chains tarnish?

Definitely, Gold plated jewellery is made up of metal like copper so these items will tarnish over time. However, with proper care, its duration can be increased. After each use, wipe with cotton or soft cloth to remove any dirt and sweat. Use mild soap or shampoo to clean it and keep it dry in a plastic pouch of cotton cloth.

Can gold plated chains get wet?

Gold plated jewellery should be avoided while bathing, swimming and washing. Chemicals in water can cause rust and discolouration. Bathing with wearing a gold plated chain will not harm the metal in it. However, with regular bathing, its colour may fade. So it is better to avoid wearing the chain while showering.

Does gold plated chains turn skin green?

Corrosion and tarnished jewellery will lead to the green stain on your skin. Once the base metal comes out from a gold plated jewellery it may stain your skin with a green colour. No matter how good the quality of the jewellery, if it contains metals such as copper, nickel or silver, this will happen.

Some metals used to make jewellery react with certain chemicals contained in various lotions and perfumes applied to the skin and form a green film when it comes in contact with the skin. Often, this reaction occurs in wet or humid conditions.

When you sweat or if the pH level in your body is very high, the metal in jewellery reacts with the acid salts to oxidize and create a green colour in the skin. Also due to the lack of sufficient iron in the body, its pH level becomes more acidic.

How to clean gold plated chains?

Clean your plated jewellery with cotton or a very soft cloth to remove dirt and dust. Smoothly rubbing the surface of your gold plated jewellery using a soft jewellery cloth helps to restore the shine. If needs more cleaning, Immerse it on warm, soapy water for a few minutes and you may clean it with a soft brush. Keep your jewellery in a soft cloth or plastic pouch after cleaning or keep it in a jewellery box separate from other types of jewellery you have. Be careful, never store in a velvet box.

Length29.5 cm (Adjustable)
Width2.9 cm
Weight66 gm
ColorGold & White Stone
ClassificationMatinee necklace

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