Mother, the word stands for love, affection, strength and security. Mother’s day is the one day dedicated to honouring motherhood. This annual celebration is held on different dates of March or May in many parts of the world depending upon the country. Mother’s day is an annual public holiday in some countries like Thailand.
In India, Mother's Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. We Indians respect our culture and traditions where we give first place to our mother. Therefore, Mother’s day celebration is important to us, it is the day we admire and appreciate the love, care and hard work of our mothers.
In this modern era, everyone celebrates this event in their own way. There are various ways to show an appreciation for mothers on Mother’s Day. Many people show their appreciation towards mothers by giving flowers, cake and other gifts like jewellery; some take them out for a treat or phone calls if they are living away from her.
A mother never wants anything back from her children. Nothing is more precious than her love for her children. One day is not enough to show our affection or respect to our mothers. But we should spend at least one day for her in a year that mother spent her whole life to make us responsible and good human beings. Keep mothers away from all the household work and responsibilities and try to make sure they are smiling the whole day at least for this day.
The best way to show your love and admiration towards your mother is to give her a beautiful gift which will make her smile. That may be a rose or a precious diamond necklace but giving something is the matter. Whatever that is special for your mother. It is a simple and perfect way to show your gratitude to her.
Sometimes as your closest confidante, and sometimes as your mentor, your mother took up roles according to your moods and situations. As your best well-wisher and friend, she had never taken steps back from her responsibility. Your mother is the center of your universe. As an epitome of love and selflessness, she is the only source of unconditional love and energy in your life. Her efforts and perseverance in bringing you up cannot be paid back, but gifting her on a special day like Mother’s day, is a way to show your love and admiration. The aesthetic Mother’s day jewelry designed by us at Malabar Gold & Diamonds is a perfect way to display your love for your mom.
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