These days most of us are familiar with the word “online shopping.”  As the dictionary suggests “the action or activity of buying goods or services over the Internet” is called online shopping. The internet has revolutionalised the way we shop. Nowadays the internet has become cheaper and the introduction of Smart Phone has made internet usage widely popular. Because of the huge benefits and advantages, more and more people prefer buying things online over the conventional method of going into stores.

Let us discuss a few benefits of shopping online.

Online Shopping


The most important benefit of online shopping is convenience.  You do not need to rush to the store before it closes as the online shopping gives us the opportunity to shop 24 x 7 and it also rewards us a “No pollution” shopping experience as you can purchase things while relaxing at home avoiding busy traffic, transportation expenses, and saving your valuable time. You can shop from the various shops around the world without any hassle. Most of the websites like are mobile-friendly. If you have internet and a smartphone; it is easy to shop on the go, wherever you are.

Competitive Prices

Most of the time buying online is cheaper than buying offline. Because there is no middle man, products come to you directly from the manufacturer or seller. You can compare the product prices with various sites. Most of the time online sites offer better prices with discounts and other deals to attract customers. 

Better Choices

You will get a wide variety of products and brands from different manufacturers or sellers under one roof.  Now, you do not need to search for the store which has your desired product. You can get in on the latest international trends with a mouse click. You can purchase from the different part of your county and even from abroad without any boundaries. It is possible that in a physical store you may not get the right colour or size, but here you will find it all.  If you are not able to find on an e-commerce site you have a lot more sites to opt for with a single click.  This will certainly give you amazing freedom of choices for your shopping.

Less Expensive

Most of the time when we go for conventional shopping, we tend to spend more than what we have planned. Outside expenses like transportation, eating out, or sometimes the shopping assistant/salesman will compel you to purchase items which you have not planned to buy.  In online, you can spend your money wisely and smartly.

You can send Gifts More Easily

Sending gifts to relatives and friends is easy nowadays.  With the boom of e-commerce, now distance does not matter and you can easily send gifts and you will get notified when they received the same.   In the conventional method, first, you have to go out for shopping, then you have to find a courier service, and most importantly you cannot be sure when the gift will reach your dear ones, sometimes mishandling will happen.  Here everything is hassle-free, online companies will ensure everything goes smooth for you.

Price Comparisons

One of the greatest advantages you have online shopping is the price comparison. You can virtually check the price of your favourite Brand in different stores and make a decision.  In conventional shopping, price comparison is not at all possible unless you go to each store and find out the prices. Most of the customer will not have the idea of the actual price of the product.  Here in online, you can find the MRP of a product and you can check how much discount each seller is giving then make a decision to buy.

No Crowds

Especially during the festival seasons, you will find it hard to get into a shop and purchase an item because of the crowd. A large crowd will affect your freedom of shopping and you will have to compromise on quality, colour, or the price.  You will also find transportation on busy traffic and parking issues as a more worrying factor. If you want to shop avoid crowd while shopping,  go online, be cool and relaxed at home and shop with your family. 

Less Compulsive Shopping

When we go out shopping, we end up buying things which are not needed.  The compulsion from the shopping assistants or the selling skills will force us to purchase the products. We often end up, purchasing more than what we needed.  In online you are the decision-maker and unless you decide, no one there to compel you to buy products.
Delivery At Your Door:  Now, you need not be an “Advertisement Carrier” of the shop where you made the purchase. In the conventional method, you have to carry things you have purchased and often you have to pay for the carrying bags too.  Online shopping will give you a different experience as the seller will deliver your products at your door. 

Updates on New Trends, Fashion, and New Arrivals

If you are keen on a few products or a few brands, you can opt for updates. The seller will update you on new trends, new fashion, and new products when they have become available in the market.


When you have tried to purchase a product, entered the website, searched the options, but you are not satisfied and left out, online shopping companies will retarget you to buy the product.  They will offer more discounts and faster delivery for exclusively for you to make the purchase. This will definitely help you to get the product on a special discount.


Online shopping helps customers with a review of the product. In the conventional method of shopping, shop keepers will compel you to buy the products in which they get a high margin of profit rather than focusing on the quality of the product, customers often end up cheating because of this malpractice. You can read a review of the products by the customer who bought that product and reviews help to make a decision on purchasing a particular product.  You can also write a review of the product too, it will help others to make a decision.

Payment Options

Even now, there are shops which do not accept credit cards or debit cards. It is not advisable to carry cash all the time. Online shoppers offer freedom of payment by giving all methods of payment including Cash on Delivery, Netbanking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Gift Card, EMI, Wallets, UPI etc..

Low-Cost EMI

Today online shopping is more attractive as many of the e-commerce sites provide you 0% EMI scheme.  If you have difficulty in paying the price of the product in one instalment, you can opt for EMI (equated monthly instalment).  You need not pay any extra amount when there is 0% EMI scheme is available. Kollam Supreme does not provide an EMI option as we are selling fashion Jewellery.

Offers and Discounts

In online shopping, we get coupons, cashback, discount and reward points as well. This is really helpful to customers as they can reap the benefits of the Discount sale and get more value for their money.

Order on the Go

Now smartphones have become a trend and you can shop even while you are travelling. It saves a lot of time and no matter where you are and what you are doing, if you have a smartphone, you can shop online with a touch.

Return of Products

In online, you can return products as the courier gets picked by your doorstep. No matter if you have not satisfied with the product you have received, just return it and get the new one.  Return of products is much easier now.

Customer Service

Most of the sites provide 24*7 customer service through live chat and toll-free numbers. Also, WhatsApp and Messenger platforms are used to give solutions for customer enquiries.

It is time to go for online shopping if you are not already done. Save your money and time. Just order with a click, no matter where you are, sit back and relax.