Jewellery tradition in India commenced thousands of years ago. The significance of jewellery in Indian culture is indelible. Gold Jewellery is part of all the auspicious occasions in a person’s life. The glittering Indian jewellery designs reflect the glory and dignity of Indian culture. 

Kerala, the God's own country is famous for its own unique evergreen traditional jewellery worn by Kerala brides and women. Keralites considered Gold as auspicious metal and have an instinctive passion for gold ornaments. Kerala traditional jewellery designs reflect the untold craftsmanship, diversity and purity which has gained worldwide acceptance.

Some of the Kerala jewellery masterpieces include necklaces like Palakka Mala, Nagapadathali, Kasumala, Karimani Mala, Mullamottu Mala, Manga Mala, Lakshmi Mala, Cheruthali, Addiyal, Kashali, Elakkathali, Poothali, Manonmani, Vilakku Mala, Karakka Mala, Mohanamala, Erukkumpoo Mala, Sarapoli Mala, Vilwadala Mala, Manimala etc.

Rings like Pavithrakettu Mothiram, ear studs such as JimikkiThoda and bangles like KappuAshtalakshmi valaPalakka valaNagapada vala all occupy a special place in the jewellery collections of many Keralite.

Aranjanam is the thin chain used as a waist chain. Oddiyanam is an intricately designed broad Hip chain worn often by Muslim brides over their dress.

Vangi, the upper arm bangle is an ornament for brides and classical dancers.  Palakka Kaivangi made with Palakka charms renders a unique touch of grace to the wearer.

At Kollam Supreme Premium Fashion Jewelleryyou can find an awesome traditional Jewellery collection for those who want to buy the elegance of Kerala jewellery patterns. Here we introduce some exquisite designs which reflect the cultural splendour of Kerala. Even in this modern age, these ornaments have an exceptional space in bridal collections.

Palakka Mala

Palakka Mala, Kerala women's favourite jewellery gain a unique place in their adornment on special occasions including weddings. Palakka leaf pattern, inspired by nature is made with Green coloured glass stone in a golden frame that gives a mesmerizing grace to the wearer. Earlier Palakka Mala was in green only; but nowadays, available in various colour stones like Red, Blue etc. to match with costumes.

 Palakka Mala


This Kerala pattern ornament is similar to Palakka with a cobra (Naga) head. This design also is a favourite among Kerala women. In Nagapadam necklace like Palakka; Nagapadams are made of coloured glass stones in a golden frame. Nagapada Thali gives a sort of elegance to the wearer when it is worn with the traditional Saree.

 Nagapada Thali

Manga mala (Mango Necklace)

Manga mala, with its elegance favourite among the Kerala women. Similar to Palakka and Nagapadam, Mango charms, which resembles the shape of mango are made with coloured glass stones in a golden frame which gives elegance to the wearer.

Mango Necklace

Pulinakham Mala

Another enchanting version of glass stone jewelry like Palakka and Mango Necklace is Pulinakham Mala. Pulinakham, Means the nails of a Tiger. When the glass stones made in the shape of the tiger's nail are strung together it becomes a spectacular design. This classic jewellery is loved by most Kerala women with traditional Saree.

Punli Naga Mala

Pichimottu Mala and Mullamottu Mala

Pichimottu mala and Mullamottu Mala are an inevitable ornament in Kerala bridal collection. Pichimottu and Mullamottu both means ‘Jasmine buds’ in Malayalam and this pattern is as the name denotes, shape as a garland of Jasmine budsJasmine buds’ patterns are available as necklaces and long chains, which is used as a middle or last chain in the bridal collection.

Pichimottu Mala 

Pichimottu Mala

Mullamottu Mala

Mulla Mottu Mala


Kasumala is an auspicious jewelry worn by Hindu women at weddings. Kasu means coin, as the name denotes; this Kerala pattern has a number of coins across the necklace with the idol of goddess Lakshmi encrypted on each coin. In Hindu tradition, the Goddess Lakshmi is considered as the symbol of wealth and spiritual prosperity. 



Poothali or Flower Necklace has its own dignity in Kerala bridal collection as a traditional ornament. Poothali mala has leaf and flower patterns with danglers and it is often broad in design. This magnificent classic choker adds a surpassing beauty to the wearer.


Karimani Mala

Karimani mala is made up of black and gold beads often worn by married women in Kerala.  Karimani means black beads in Malayalam and it is similar to North Indian Mangalsutra.

Karimani Mala


Pathakam means round pendant in a chain which is one of the typical pieces of jewelry that is usually used as the first necklace in the Kerala bridal collection. The pendant will be round in shape, Ruby or Emerald stones studded and Goddess Lakshmi or head engraved.



Elakkathali is all time Kerala women's favourite traditional bridal Jewellery. This choker will add a gleam of elegance to the bride's neck with its moving strips.


These are some classic Neck Jewellery designs from Kollam Supreme's collections that declare the glory and grandeur of Kerala culture. 

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